Answer the Call: How to Use CTAs for Successful Lead Generation

Including a single call-to-action (CTA) at the end of a blog post can increase conversions by 6%. That’s an impressive amount of lead generation for a simple sentence!

But how do you put an effective CTA together?

A CTA does what its name implies: it implores your readers to take some action. It can be as simple as a sentence at the end of a blog post that says, “Contact us to learn more about our car insurance rates!” with a link embedded in the text leading to the Contact Us page.

Or it can be more complex, such as a slide-in CTA that appears as you scroll down a blog post, providing you a chance to download a content offer.

Why You Need a Call-to-Action

Lead Generation Increase PhotoSo why do you need a CTA? Because calls-to-action are the most effective element of lead generation. Depending on the location of your CTA on the page, you can experience conversion rates of up to 8 percent.

Think of it like this: if someone finds your blog post and enjoys your content, but doesn’t have a clear path to take toward conversion, they aren’t going to become a customer. Without a CTA, you risk the reader finding the information they were looking for and bouncing off your site before you receive any lead information. Or worse, they’ll look for a place to put in their details, not find it, grow frustrated, and leave your site.

The call-to-action avoids those issues by letting you direct your reader to the exact page they need to go. You need it to be strong and simple, with no room for confusion.

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How to Create an Effective Call-to-Action for Lead Generation

1. Make Your CTA Visible

CTA Lead Generation Visibility ImageBecause half of your site visitors won’t scroll down your page, you’ll want to place your call-to-action right where they can see it when the page loads. This is called “above the fold.”

2. Focus on the Copy

Figure out exactly what you want your reader to do. If you want them to fill out a form to download an eBook, write that. The more specific you make your call-to-action, the more likely someone will click on it and give you a lead.

3. Make Your CTA Stand Out

You don’t want your call-to-action to get lost on your page by blending into the background. Use contrasting colors or create a design that will make the call-to-action pop.

4. Send Your Readers to Dedicated Landing Pages

Lead Generation Landing Page ImageThe point of the call-to-action for lead generation is to entice the reader to give you their information in exchange for a special offer. So your CTA should link directly to the landing page where that transaction takes place.

On the landing page, there should be a form for the reader to fill out as well as an explanation of what the special offer is and what the benefits of it are. Also, hide the site navigation on the landing page. You don’t want your reader to become distracted by all the other great products you have to offer until they’ve input their information. Landing pages also allow for easy campaign tracking as measuring conversions and traffic are simple.

After you’ve become comfortable implementing calls-to-action in your content marketing strategy, test out different placements and designs. You may find, as HubSpot did, that an anchor text CTA yields more conversions than just adding an end-of-post banner.

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Written by Jesse H. Laier

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