Interactive Design
We develop and produce multiformat digital storytelling experiences to suit a range of marketing, communications and education goals.
Immerse yourself in a mixed media wonderland with an interactive design project. We combine words, images, data visualisation, graphics, video and audio to create engaging interactive digital experiences that tell stories in a dynamic and thought-provoking way. Our interactive design skills push storytelling to its mixed media limits on a single platform, offering audiences multiple ways to explore and engage with content in a compelling and memorable way. There are many ways to tell a story, and an interactive design approach means you’re exploring all of them.
Our interactive designing services include:
  • Annual Reports
  • Corporate communications + reporting
  • Educational experiences
  • Government communications + reporting
  • Learning platforms
  • Special project story-telling

Why choose Curated Content for your interactive design project?

  • Proven track record of creating great interactive experiences
  • Multi-skilled production and writing teams covering all content formats
  • Experts bringing your digital story-telling ideas to life