Welcome to the NEW Curated Content

Welcome to the new look website – the gateway to our rebooted agency. Which next begs the question: Why’d we do that?

We’re glad you asked.

Just over six years ago the idea for an agency collided with the sudden arrival of Big Industry Change.

Those six years were all-consuming.

In part thanks to technology, digital content experiences began to evolve beyond simply written content to suit the many different brand stories clients wanted to tell. We started using data visualisation techniques, animation, video and audio to create content. Businesses and brands began to understand that sharing their expertise, as well as what they stood for, made them more engaging and compelling – creating value in new ways.

Content that was relevant, helpful, useful, educational and fun was rewarded with loyalty and advocacy. Content that demonstrated where a brand stood on important social, cultural and wellbeing issues could help affect change for the better. Deeper, more authentic relationships with audiences were possible, often leading to more personalised, trusting and human connections.

A story may originate in a spreadsheet, but that doesn’t mean with the right amount of imagination and personality, it can’t become great and important content that will leave a lasting and meaningful impression.

Six years on, our experience and expertise tells us we can simplify our agency’s services into two core offerings: content strategy and content creation. The creation part is further divided into the three buckets of content that most of the formats we create fall into: written, visual and audio.

Oh, and we build beautiful websites to house the various forms of content under one roof.

Another big chapter in our agency’s evolution has been on the culture front. While our blog has always been the go-to for our thought leadership in the content marketing space, when it comes to what matters to us – as individual people and collectively as an agency – we wanted to be able to express those things in a way that feels real to us, and hopefully, to you.

It’s important to us that clients understand what we stand for – as much as we do them. Our culture page is an expression of our values formed from our unique experience of the world and how we’ve found our way in it. I feel strongly that these perspectives, ideas and world views deepen our understanding of and approach to everything we do.

We’ve also introduced our own podcast called the Trycast. It highlights a cast of different people trying to do different things. (Yep, it’s a shout out to Coach Taylor from Friday Night Lights, with love.)

“I didn’t say you needed to be better than everyone else. But you gotta try. That’s what character is. It’s in the trying.”

With the try in mind, we come across a lot of really interesting people who teach, inspire and influence us without even realising. We’re excited to share some of those conversations with you.

We’ll be broadening this part of our culture through partnerships with like-minded collectives – so stay tuned for what’s to come.

Finally, if I had to explain what we do to a stranger, I’d say this: We help brands tell their many different stories in interesting ways people can read, watch and listen to.

It’s that simple. And we absolutely love it – don’t forget that part.

– Cath


Find out a little bit more on content creation done the CC way, below.



Words will always step up to gold on the content medal podium. And because we’re a team of readers, the joy we get from books and articles and blogs, hugely influences how we see the value of written stories.

We are not the people who will provide you with 500 articles stuffed with keywords in a single batch.

We’ll leave it to the AI crowd to deliver on that.

Instead, we’ll write considered, relevant and enjoyable- to-read copy, whether it’s a blog or an e-Book. Writing across any genre is a carefully honed craft that takes time and thought. And good writing makes any kind of reading an enjoyable and interesting human experience that connects people.

Robots, put that in your pipe and smoke it.



The joy of telling visual stories helps us think in newly creative ways.

What if we could help people make sense of complex information by telling stories in formats clients hadn’t thought of? How could we build on the words? How could we rethink a graph. a spreadsheet or a map? How could we use animation? What if we added music and gave a voice to the story?

Over time, our questions have evolved. We now ask, how can we make it interactive? Personalised? Immersive?

With so many visual adventures to be had, it’s great fun helping people choose one to call their own.



In the era of collapsing attention spans, it’s no surprise that audio is making a comeback.

We’re really happy that along with the giant panda, the Lost Art of Listening is no longer in danger of extinction.

The experience of listening to a conversation is intimate, personable and a trigger for the imagination. Discussions brimming with humanity via laughs, gasps and orchestrated silences can transport us to places that other forms of media can’t.

And if that means freeing ourselves from the screen gaze and picking up on a different set of cues – then Friends, Romans and Countrywomen and men, lend me your ears!

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