The Copyright Agency

The Copyright Agency

When the opportunity came to create a campaign website to educate creators and supporters of Australian produced content, we jumped at the chance. The task was challenging – reach a wide community of creators and supporters of Australian content, and explain the complex proposed changes to the Australian Copyright Act, as recommended by the Australian Productivity Commission. The microsite not only had to educate people, but inspire them into immediate action – by sending emails to their local MPs, communities and media outlets – all of which could be accomplished without leaving the campaign site. This made for a pretty technical behind-the-scenes build, integrating a number of third party data sets to enable a seamless front-end experience for the user. It was a big ask within a very short timeframe, but we did it. On August 25, 2017, the Australian government responded to the Productivity Commission’s recommendations for change to the Australian Copyright Act. Our client, the Copyright Agency’s CEO Adam Suckling, said of the government’s recommendations:

“We welcome the Government’s recognition that it is critical to have in place a copyright regime that supports Australian creators and innovators, encourages ongoing investment in creativity and the telling of Australian stories.”

It was a critical and complex project to deliver in a very short timeframe. We’re proud to have played a part in the campaign’s effectiveness in helping to protect Australian creators.

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