When Cover-More wanted a ‘we can do anything’ content agency to deliver on a ‘we need everything’ brief, it was one of the best challenges we’ve had thrown at us. Cover-More’s transition to the Benestar brand would see them become an organisation that could provide the necessary tools and resources in ‘on demand’ digital formats to suit a wide-ranging audience.

Our job was to provide health and wellbeing content that employees of large organisations want. Over a six-month period, we created content on a range of issues with health and wellbeing themes. Content ideation and production included blogs, video content, animated motion graphics, GIFS, posters and podcasts. We created characters called Bene and Benita. Through the characters we could demonstrate everything from breathing exercises to a routine for going to bed that will help with a good night’s sleep.

In relation to content that was extremely challenging to present based on particular subject matter – family violence, for example – we needed to take a completely different approach. We needed an authentic voice and experience to lend the gravitas required to explore this topic with authority and compassion. We worked with family violence advocate and former Australian of the Year, Rosie Batty, to create a series of ‘in conversation’ podcasts and videos. This series approaches a very complex and layered subject matter in a way that is personal and gentle, yet at the same time offers practical advice. We wanted people to feel Rosie was speaking to them personally. We also used the podcast format to create a series of meditations with an anxiety expert that people could use as a tool to help them in their immediate surroundings.

The Cover-More project was rewarding in ways we never imagined. We met inspiring people and found ways of telling incredibly moving stories that felt both intimate and authentic but powerful at the same time. We also had fun thinking about clever ways that we could motivate people, especially the younger audience demographic, through animation and content designed for a shorter attention span. Most importantly of all, we learned a lot about our own health and wellbeing and tried hard to apply to our own lives some of things we were exploring through the content we made – and we’re all pretty pleased about that.

Character Design and Development

Motion Graphic

Graphic Design: Posters and Wallpapers

Animated GIF



Video Production and editing