It’s an exciting time for our client Investa, one of Australia’s largest commercial real estate companies known for developing and managing office buildings in major cities. Investa’s goal was to launch a sustainability portal to be used as a tenant toolkit, an important step in their ongoing commitment to best-practice sustainability in the management of their assets. Our challenge was to create an online hub which was interesting, meaningful, inspiring and beautiful to the 100,000 + people who work in Investa buildings every day. In essence, a toolkit people would enjoy exploring to improve their wellbeing at work and ultimately their productivity. We needed to make the content fun to engage with – presenting tons of important and helpful information in a really clever way by integrating and visualising automated data uploads like water, carbon and electricity use for each individual building. We did this in an interactive format so tenants could compare monthly and yearly usage, using these unique metrics to measure their sustainability efforts. Each building also had personalised content including nearby parks, gyms, bike, running and walking tracks and public transport access. Not only did we get to design and build a beautiful interactive portal that was helpful and fun, but we also learned a lot about how to create a more productive and healthier work environment. (We’re especially big fans of the walking meeting.)

Upon completion of the Sustainability Toolkit site, Investa also commissioned an animation. The aim of this was to bring the toolkit to life and to demonstrate its use and purpose in an easily digestible 90 second animation. It was incredibly important that the animated video not only match the site in terms of tone and style, but that we used some of the elements from the site in the animation where possible. The animation had to give a taste of what was to come with the toolkit, and after watching it, make you want to be working in an Investa- managed building as well!

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