We help business and brands develop, produce and launch podcasts across a range of subjects and for a mix of audiences.
Audio content is an accessible ‘off screen’ sensory delight when executed well. When it’s not executed well it can make our ears beg for mercy. Podcasts and audio interviews require considered pre-production development and strategic production with a team of skilled producers, sound engineers and hosts/interviewers. Our podcast and audio interview services include research, scripting, production, post production and editing. We also provide interviewers skilled to bring out the best in the talent. People generally like talking about the things they have achieved or the things they are passionate about, but it takes an organised and skilled interviewer to bring this out in ordinary people talking about extraordinary things. Just ask Orpah.
Our podcast services include:
  • Branded podcasts
  • Educational podcasts
  • Story-telling podcasts
  • Explainer podcasts
  • Internal communications podcasts
  • News podcasts
  • Magazine podcasts

Why choose Curated Content for your podcast?

  • End-to-end expertise from pre to post production
  • Experienced broadcast story tellers + producers
  • Skilled researchers + sound engineers