Report Design and Copy
We make reports that are visually engaging, easy to read and appealing to the audience for which they are intended.
Annual reports, quarterly reports, survey reports and our favourite – special reports providing a deep dive into a unique area of specialisation – we’ve done them all. We approach our report design and copy (and detailed sub editing and proofing) with the idea that people are actually going to read them. Using our skills of data visualisation and infographic design, copywriting, sub editing, proofing and layout, we produce reports that are a joy to read. We create interactive, online reports or printed reports and have long-term partnerships with printing specialists, ensuring a sustainable approach to the printing of your report, if required.
Our report design and copy services include:
  • Annual reports + quarterly reports
  • Special reports
  • Web-based reports
  • Digital reports
  • Interactive reports

Why choose Curated Content for your report’s design and copy?

  • Multi-skilled team across content, design and print requirements
  • Quality control across all phases of design and production
  • End-to-end delivery from research to print delivery