20-Something-Year-Old Graphic Designer Named Julie Starter Pack

Hi everyone, I’m Julie, the new kid on the block.

I jumped on-board the Curated Content crew about a month ago as its new graphic designer with an all-rounder set of skills and a couple of magic tricks in my pockets. I think I’m pretty good at designing layouts and visually orchestrating information on a page.

Since I’m not much of a writer, I’d like to introduce myself via the preferred communication method of today’s “young hip people of the internet”: memes.

Specifically, “starter pack memes”.

So, if you want to be like me, get yourself a Julie Starter Pack available at either your local dark corner of the web, your local cat café, buried in the sand somewhere on some beach, or betwixt two closely positioned cacti (go on, put your hands in there).

20-Something-Year-Old Graphic Designer Named Julie Starter Pack


Julie Starter Pack Image


Surfboard that’s actually too small for my skill level but make me look super cool:

I can’t paddle onto waves with this little thing but man I do look cool… #kooklyf

Google history:

I have questions, okay?

1 Garfield:

My cat. Also known as Garfunkel, Field, G-Field, G-Unit, 50cent, The G and The Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Treasure chest of free fonts:

Ah my precious…

Trusty drawing tablet:

We’ve been through uni together, we’re like best pals.


Taking holiday slideshows to the next level.

3 a.m. thoughts:

Life huh?

T-Rex hand syndrome:

Designers and digital artists make things look beautiful but our hands are atrocious.

Haku leis & pareo:

I’ve been training in Ori Tahiti for a while now but I never practice enough at home to actually improve.

A bunch of cacti:

From left to right: Miguel (Micky Mouse), Senor Lobster (look at its claws), and The OG (been here from the start).

Big glowing blinding monitor:

Screen so big and bright, you’d think you’re being abducted by aliens…


Maybe I can make my cat famous.

Words & Graphics by Julie Nguyen

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