Trycast Ep. 1 – Code Like a Girl

On a personal quest, a shy primary school teacher was determined to introduce a digital curriculum into her classroom. That journey of discovery led her to Code Like a Girl. Then the magic happened.

With the go ahead from her school principal to forge her own path forward, fuelled by determination instead of budget, Anna Hayes threw herself into the task of upskilling her students. Her mission was to build a foundation for a curriculum that would enable even a small and poorly resourced school like hers to thrive in the digital age. Extensive research led Anna to Code Like a Girl, the Melbourne coding start up, when it was still in its infancy. Like all great light bulb moments in life, something instantly felt right. Despite her shyness, Anna knew enough to know when chance meets opportunity, change can happen fast. Three years later – that original light bulb moment has been the best thing for girls of all ages, all over Australia.

Anna’s story is one about an ordinary person with an idea and the right amount of determination to see it through. But it’s also a story about finding the confidence to leave shyness at the door and be open to new and different experiences. To see her quest through, Anna had to go way beyond the boundaries of her comfort zone. It meant being proactive in ways she never imagined. It’s a story about the transformational power of volunteering and it’s a story of how women from all walks of life can get together and do something unique and powerful.

Anna didn’t set out to change the education world. She just wanted her students to have a fighting chance to be a part of the digital revolution and not get left behind. It’s just a great story, that is a pleasure to discover. Enjoy!

“We try and foster the friendship and networking side of things. Even 7 & 8-year olds – you want them to have that feeling of working together towards a shared goal.”

Strapped for time? Choose where you’d like to pick up the conversation.

We’ve listed out the topics and their times so you can fast-forward to the part of the podcast you want to listen to the most, or pick up where you left off. 

  1. How Anna got involved with Code Like a Girl [00:49]
  2. What it’s like in a Junior workshop [10:41]
  3. Code Like a Girl Meetups [14:31]
  4. Code Camps [16:49]
  5. The kind of things girls generally want to make [17:59]
  6. Bringing coding back into the classroom [19:32]
  7. The role models of Code Like a Girl [21:08]
  8. How Code Like a Girl is evolving [27:53]
  9. What’s next for Code Like a Girl [31:16]
  10. Who gets involved [32:45]

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