Trycast Ep. 2 – Evan Strouss

Back in 2016, Evan Strouss left his Chicago apartment to backpack through Asia by himself. His mission: to learn about other cultures and to grow as a person. And throughout his travels he discovered the true meaning of compassion, and wound up in a new place that felt just like home – Melbourne.

And that feeling of being home hasn’t dimmed since.

Since then, Evan has turned his 5 or 6 months of Melbourne living into over a year’s worth of experiences. Beyond travelling around the country and taking in the gorgeous natural scenery, Evan has developed a life for himself in the city of Melbourne.

He’s also become more familiar with the city than just about anyone we’ve ever met.

That’s because Evan, by trade, is a tour guide for Walks 101. It’s a job that lets him spread his love of architecture and the human stories behind the buildings. And with over 100 tours of the city under his belt, he knows the ins-and-outs better than most locals.

On this episode of the Trycast, Curated Content Marketing Strategist Jesse H. Laier sits down with Evan Strouss to discuss his journey from South Florida to the Land Down Under. They talk about why it’s such a novelty for travellers to see an American backpacker, the differences between American and Australian cities and the amount of work that goes into putting together a tour.

Evan also reveals which part of the city he thinks is underappreciated, the amount of moose he ran into on the trains of Alaska and how he accidentally got into a feud with the current sitting President of the United States of America.

But what’s most striking about the conversation is this theory by Evan: the human brain doesn’t have the capacity to empathise with billions of people all at once. The power of travel is being able to meet people you would have never met at home, and being able to empathise with their stories because they have now become real.

“I don’t really think humans were built to empathise with billions of other humans. We just don’t have the hardware for it. So a good way to supplement that biological shortcoming is to actually cross borders, cross oceans, and cross land masses to meet people face-to-face.”

Strapped for time? Choose where you’d like to pick up the conversation.

We’ve listed out the topics and their times so you can fast-forward to the part of the podcast you want to listen to the most, or pick up where you left off. 

  1. Evan’s Journey to Australia [00:36]
  2. Backpacking Trip Through Asia [01:38]
  3. How Walks 101 Got Started [06:53]
  4. Evan Vs. Trump [08:44]
  5. Being a Melbourne Tour Guide 101 [15:53]
  6. The Sights You See on the Walking Tour [19:03]
  7. The Shot Tower [20:58]
  8. The Difference Between Melbourne and U.S. Cities [25:18]

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