Trycast Ep. 3 – Zoey Maiden

In this episode of Trycast, Curated Content’s Melissa Hull interviews Zoey Maiden about photography, mental health and what happened when those two worlds collided for her.

Zoey has always been fascinated by photography from a young age. As a kid, Zoey traveled a lot – it felt natural to pick up a camera and record those experiences. While her love of photography continued throughout her high school years, other things caught her interest and as a result, Zoey put her camera away.

Time passed. Life happened. And Zoey found herself in one of the biggest battles she’d face, in mental illness. And that’s when photography came back into her life, and in some ways saved her.

Zoey felt that many of the suggested mindfulness practices such as meditation and yoga weren’t quite right for her. But she did find herself in a state of flow when she was taking photos.

What happened next, is a great story, leading to Zoey being invited to exhibit her work in Chicago, which for her was for her a life-changing experience. Exhibiting her work gave Zoey more confidence with her photography and also helped her with her social anxiety in ways she could never have foreseen.

Zoey’s story is powerful and humble and brave. It’s also a story of ‘mindfulness through the lens’.

View Zoey’s photography here.

“I just want to say to people that there are other ways of trying to work through issues, don’t be don’t afraid to say yes to things – you never know where it will take you. As scared as you might be, embrace things.”

Strapped for time? Choose where you’d like to pick up the conversation.

We’ve listed out the topics and their times so you can fast-forward to the part of the podcast you want to listen to the most, or pick up where you left off. 

  1. Where Zoey’s love of photography began [00:30]
  2. What brought Zoey back to photography  [02:00]
  3. Zoey’s battle with mental illness [02:24]
  4. Photography as mindfulness [03:16]
  5. Fitzroy street art as photography  [4:26]
  6. Transition to professional photography [5:50]
  7. Chicago Exhibition  [11:14]
  8. Inspiration as a photographer  [23:36]
  9. Mindfulness through the lens [27:50]

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