eLearning and Mobile Games
We develop and produce gamification and eLearning experiences.
We’re big believers that learning should not only be educational, it should be fun. We apply our creativity to gamification and eLearning design to produce cost-effective web and mobile experiences. Spanning front-end web development, back-end web development, iOS development and Android development, we create educational and eLearning experiences for students to corporates and everyone in between. Our eLearning solutions don’t require the use of VR headsets, and through apps and web-based experiences, are designed to scale easily. If you want to educate people in a way that resonates by helping them retain information and actually enjoy the experience of learning by challenging them in an interactive online learning environment, then talk to us about our gamification and eLearning services. We’re proud to say, everything we do in this space is the enemy of boring.
Our elearning and mobile games services include:
  • Educational games
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Advanced gamification
  • Interactive microlearning + training
  • Mobile learning
  • eLearning modules

Why choose Curated Content for your eLearning and mobile games?

  • Innovative and exciting eLearning experiences that won’t break the budget
  • Proven track record creating multiple eLearning experiences
  • Experts in eLearning UX + design