Father of the Fair Go

Featuring prominent Australians from political, legal and union circles, Father of the Fair Go is a documentary detailing the life of one of Australia’s most prolific social reformers and progressive thinkers, Maurice Blackburn.

Maurice was not the masculine, sporting, larrakin or war hero we usually celebrate. Using intellect as his weapon, Maurice was an activist hero who spent his life fighting for the rights of the poor and working classes. It’s the story of a man defined by an unwavering conscience, strength of character and a core need to ‘make life a little easier for the men and women of this country.’ His life-long commitment to the values of equality and fairness would come at a great personal and professional cost to Maurice and his family, yet his legacy continues in the rights working men and women of Australia enjoy today.

Father of the Fair Go details the life and influences of Maurice Blackburn including his principled stance against overseas conscription, his internal battles with the Australian Labor Party and his role in shaping Australia’s industrial relations movement. He was a man without ego. A true freedom fighter. In many ways, the Father of the Fair go for Australia.

2019 SAE ATOM Awards: Finalist Tertiary & Industry Best Documentary: Biography

Screened Network 7 | Running time 43 minutes

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