Hugs & Kisses: The Movie

A story about the relationship between a city and its queers

A story about the evolutionary relationship between a city and its queers, Love, Hugs & Kisses explores the history, life and scene of Melbourne’s gender and sexual ‘other’, who over the years, have sought places and spaces in Melbourne to meet and connect.
By simply being themselves, they would breathe their life into the city, and carve out a community that would eventually become a scene and a movement strong enough to survive, prosper and evolve. Sometimes the community’s growth was slow and cautious, at other times, change came about in a fast and explosive transformation. The common thread is a community under the big umbrella of queer that has always been present, always shifting and unapologetically, changing.
Set against the backdrop of a city known for its secret nooks and dark, hard-to-find laneways, this is a story about the search for human connection – connection that has more times than not, taken courage and upset the status quo. Comprising wildly different chapters, experiences and truths, at heart it’s about finding a place to belong and the universal and profound hope that somewhere out there, there are others like us and together we can be free to be who we want to be.
Currently in pre-production.
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