Hugs & Kisses: The Movie

Sometimes you literally just stumble on a story that needs telling. Call it a case of right place, right time.

Hugs & Kisses is the name of the infamous Melbourne Club typically located in one of the city’s famous laneways. The club was a celebration of everything that is exciting and positive about Melbourne’s underground club scene: an intersection of fashion, identity, music, performance and design merging mostly on the dance floor of the tiny cavernous space. Add to the chaos the Royal Order of Antediluvian Buffaloes – an ancient and mostly secret men’s group who somehow managed to facilitate  one of the craziest and inclusive clubs in Melbourne’s rich cultural history –  and you have yourself one hell of a story.

As a result of the grand old building being sold, Hugs opened its doors for one final party on January 18, 2019. And we were there. This movie captures a magnificent moment in Melbourne’s underground history: the characters, the freedom,  the music, the fashion, the meaning and the influence. And, the brilliant way the club even came to be. It’s a very special, very Melbourne story.

Currently in post-production: release date 2020.

To stay updated with news and events, visit the Hugs & Kisses website.

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