The Story.

A good story will talk to your brain as much as your emotions. No matter what it’s about, if the story has pull, you’ll sit there until the end. It might be because your heart beats a little faster, and your mind fills with questions you want answered. You might even shed a tear. That’s what great stories do. They  hold  you right until the end when you’re finally in a position to draw your own conclusion. That’s the job of documentary.

Sometimes we find the story. And sometimes a story finds us.

Once we have the story, we think about how best to tell it and then we assemble the team to make it. In documentary, detail is everything because sometimes it’s the tiniest detail that carves out the path towards truth. That’s the beauty of it. And that’s why we love making them, and we suspect, the very same reason you enjoy watching them.

Our documentaries can take many formats: a series for TV, a feature length film, a broadcast hour or a web series – it doesn’t really matter how we do it – it just matters that we tell the story the way it deserves to be told.

Latest projects.

Father of the Fair Go
Hugs & Kisses: The Movie