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In episode three of Trycast, we interview the talented Zoey Maiden.

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Artist Statement:

The opportunity to participate in this exhibition was a case of pure happenstance. An evening out to dinner in NYC in 2017 led to a chance meeting with Marlene, a discussion about photography, compliments exchanged and an invitation to exhibit at GAG. My initial thought was simply to showcase a selection of shots I have amassed on various travels around the world. But Marlene set me a challenge “I’ve never had an international artist exhibit photos before. You’re from Australia. Show me your home.”

Below is the photography from her recent Chicago exhibition.

A Day at Bronte








Bronte Beach, Sydney 2016

Apple iPhone 6s/Museo Silver Rag Fine Art Paper

If there’s one thing Sydney has over Melbourne it’s the beaches. And the Bronte Baths are a prime example of just how stunning they really are. They sit right on the edge of Bronte Beach, offering bathers stunning beachside views. Big enough for advanced swimmers and shallow enough for nippers, the Baths are just one reason Bronte has been voted the best of 641 Sydney suburbs.

After The Rain










Fitzroy, Melbourne 2014

Apple iPhone 5s/ Museo Silver Rag Fine Art Paper

Rain brings puddles. Sunshine and blue skies bring reflections. This building once housed a motor repair and towing service. Now, like so much of my neighbourhood, it’s been made over into expensive warehouse apartments. Or maybe a gym? It doesn’t really matter. Gentrification can’t get in the way of a nice image.

A Winters Morning










Melbourne CBD 2014

Apple iPhone 5s/ Museo Silver Rag Fine Art Paper

So much of Australian iconography is about sunshine and beaches. And while that’s a big part of it, I personally love wrapping up in a jacket in winter and seeing the city shrouded in fog. The Princess Theatre pictured here opened in 1854 and is the oldest continuous entertainment site on mainland Australia.

Autumn in Fitzroy










Fitzroy, Melbourne 2015

Apple iPhone 5s/ Museo Silver Rag Fine Art Paper

This is simply a shot of the two bicycles that sat chained up outside my neighbours’ house from autumn (fall to you guys) through winter, spring, all of summer and back to autumn again. I’m pretty sure they’ll need to pump up the tires if they ever decide to ride them again. And I’m positive they’re still there nearly three years after this photo was taken.









Western Regional Victoria 2017

Panasonic DMC-G85/ Museo Silver Rag Fine Art Paper

For those of you who’ve never experienced Australia first hand, this captures what the majority of the country actually looks like. The burnished wheat field, an old water tank, the bare tree and a decrepit cabin. To some it looks barren but to me it sums up home in one perfect image.

Brighton Boxes 








Brighton Beach, Melbourne 2017

Panasonic DMC-G85/ Museo Silver Rag Fine Art Paper

Owning a Brighton Bathing Box is somewhat of a status symbol in Melbourne. In December 2017 one of the humble timber shacks sold for a record price, fetching more than AUD$330,000 ahead of auction. Considering they measure only a few square metres and have no electricity or running water that’s a pricey piece of property.

Bute Ute 








Smeaton, Victoria 2017

Panasonic DMC-G85/ Museo Silver Rag Fine Art Paper

Less than two hours from the centre of Melbourne lies the tiny (pop. 231) country town of Smeaton. In colonial times it was once home to 7 hotels, 2 bakeries, 2 banks and various shops. Now only the Smeaton Hotel known as The Cumberland remains. I’ve no idea when this beautiful ute was built but it looks like it’s been parked here since the town’s heyday.

By The Seaside 








St Kilda Beach, Melbourne 2017

Panasonic DMC-G85/ Museo Silver Rag Fine Art Paper

The kiosk located at the end of St. Kilda Pier is an historic landmark of Melbourne. It was built in 1904 and operated until it was destroyed in an arson attack in 2003. A massive outpouring of public support saw the state government reconstruct it to the original plans utilising some of the salvaged components, such as the cast iron roof, decorative cresting and weather vane. An icon indeed.

Country Bathing 








Talbot, Victoria 2017

Panasonic DMC-G85/ Museo Silver Rag Fine Art Paper

Quirky? Sure. Unusual? Certainly. But on farms all across this wide, brown land you will often see old bathtubs recycled and repurposed as drinking troughs for livestock like sheep and cattle. Well, it’s either that or Farmer Brown just REALLY enjoys bathing al fresco.

En Pointe










Fitzroy, Melbourne 2015

Canon EOS 600D/ Museo Silver Rag Fine Art Paper

The back lanes and walls of Fitzroy are covered in street art. And it was this art that initially got me taking photos when we first moved into the area. The ballet slippers also reflect my love of the artform and dance in general which has been a part of my life since childhood.

Fill Her Up








Smeaton, Victoria 2017

Panasonic DMC-G85/ Museo Silver Rag Fine Art Paper

Harkening back to a time when the Bute Ute in the other photo would have needed fuel and service would have been supplied by the mechanic who owned and operated the garage, these petrol pumps are a beautiful reminder of simpler times. And much, MUCH cheaper gas prices!

Four Seasons In One Day










Melbourne CBD 2017

Apple iPhone 6s/ Museo Silver Rag Fine Art Paper

Along with being the title of a song by Australian music legends “Crowded House” this phrase is often used to describe Melbourne where you can experience substantial changes in weather and temperature in just a few hours, hence “four seasons in one day”. To me, this image captures that perfectly.

Hang In There








Fitzroy, Melbourne 2017

Panasonic DMC-G85/ Museo Silver Rag Fine Art Paper

Whilst shoes hanging from a pole aren’t a sight exclusive to Fitzroy, I took this photo as a reminder to always look up. To stop staring at the screens that always seem to be glued to our hands and instead take in our surroundings. There’s always something you might not have seen. Even in your own backyard.

High Rise Living










St Kilda Junction, Melbourne 2017

Panasonic DMC-G85/ Museo Silver Rag Fine Art Paper

Like a giant Lego structure rising in jutting rainbow tiers and balancing like a child’s building block creation this high rise, officially named “The Icon”, is a perfect example of the growing trend in Melbourne of residential architecture meeting art.

Open Wide, Come Inside










St Kilda Beach, Melbourne 2017

Panasonic DMC-G85/ Museo Silver Rag Fine Art Paper

Opened in December 1912 and operating almost continually ever since St. Kilda’s Luna Park is a throwback to yesteryear. Featuring attractions like the Scenic Railway (the oldest continually running roller coaster in the world) and a Ghost Train that retains its 1934 tracks, don’t let the somewhat creepy grin dissuade you. Good times are guaranteed!

Shot Up 










Melbourne Central, Melbourne CBD 2017

Apple iPhone 7/ Museo Silver Rag Fine Art Paper

Coop’s Shot Tower was built in 1888. It is 50 metres (nine stories) high and produced six tonnes of lead shot weekly up until 1961 when demand dwindled because of new firearm regulations. It was incorporated into the Melbourne Central shopping complex in 1991 underneath an 84 metre conical glass roof.


Summer Days










St Kilda Beach, Melbourne 2017

Panasonic DMC-G85

Perched in front of their Brighton Beach Box these two blokes are the very definition of “locals”. When I approached to ask about photographing them they immediately started preening and posing. I couldn’t tell if they were nervous or “taking the piss”. But they eventually laughed, relaxed and let me catch this uninhibited shot.

Sunday Morning Ritual 








If there is one thing Melbournite’s take seriously (and I mean VERY SERIOUSLY) it’s coffee. At times in Fitzroy it feels like there are more cafes than houses but the roasters and baristas around here are among the city’s best. And where good coffee goes, good food usually follows…












Fitzroy, Melbourne 2017

Apple iPhone 6s

Walking the streets of my neighbourhood on my way to work one morning, I happened across this beautiful scene. Though the picture wasn’t planned it was merely a case of me being present and capturing a moment in time.  The image proved popular to my friend who chose to use it for the cover of his last album.

The Bay








Apollo Bay, Victoria 2012

Canon EOS 600D

The town of Apollo Bay is located around 200km from Melbourne on the Great Ocean Road, an Australian Heritage Listed 243km stretch of road, along the south eastern coast of the country. But mostly this is just a shot of a cute boat bobbing in the stunningly clear water.

The Comet









Western Regional Victoria 2017

Panasonic DMC-G85

This particular type of windmill is a common sight on farms all over Australia. Manufactured by Comet Windmills they’ve pumped water in Australia for over 130 years. I’ve always thought the design looks a lot like a comet flying through the cosmos trailing a tail. Maybe that’s why they named the company Comet? Chicken or the egg?

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